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Performing Arts Preschool


Welcome to Tri-Cities Academy of Ballet and Music Performing Arts Preschool. Tri-Cities Academy of Ballet and Music

has a long history of providing the best dance and music education in the Tri-Cities.



We believe in great instruction, so your child will have countless opportunities to move and groove each day with the teacher. We integrate movement into many of our preschool activities to enhance academic learning, increase fitness, and most importantly to make learning fun. Our curriculum includes weekly lessons from Tri Cities Academy of Ballet and Music’s excellent Pre-Ballet curriculum, Music for Little Mozarts curriculum, as well as daily academic and social skill activities designed by our highly educated staff to enhance every child's experience. A combination of both child-centered and teacher-directed activities are included. We are dedicated to fostering fitness, age-appropriate movement, and sensory activities for all of our students while preparing them for their future academic endeavors. Our experienced staff designed academic curriculum, which incorporates the Richland School District expectations for Kindergarten entrance, explores basic academic concepts such as: colors, shapes, the alphabet, name recognition and writing, calendar, weather, numbers, counting, poetry, nursery rhymes, and much more. Your child will engage in entertaining songs that encourage following directions, promote different styles of movement, and academic learning. We have exciting props like scarves, hoops, streamers, and a large colorful parachute available to make moving and learning irresistible!

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