Frequently Asked Questions


All classes will be held at the Tri-Cities Academy of Ballet and Music studios at 21 Aaron Dr., Richland, WA, 99352.

Communication/Parent Information

Parents are informed of the activities of Tri-cities Academy of Ballet and Music Performing Arts Preschool through a monthly newsletter or calendar sent home with your child.

Each newsletter/calendar gives you an overview of the month’s activities and studies. Also in the newsletter/calendar, you will find information about expected field trips, parties, and sharing, relevant to that month.

We do not cancel classes for conferences throughout the year. Either the parent or the teacher may request a conference anytime there is a special concern.

Health Information

Each child is required to have on file a health statement, which includes a record of up to date immunizations and the signature of the child's source of medical care. If a child's health care summary is not complete at the time of enrollment or within thirty (30) days after enrollment, the child will be dropped from the program.

Tri Cities Academy of Ballet and Music must have on file, for each child, a signed permission for health care authorizing emergency care and transfer of medical records to the local hospital. Emergency numbers for reaching the parent or guardian and another authorized person must also be on file. No child will be allowed to remain in the program unless the above information is on file.


No child who arrives at school noticeably ill, with a rash, or with a fever, will be admitted for that day. Should a child become ill during the day, the parent is notified immediately and is expected to come and pick up the child.

In the event a child contracts a communicable disease and exposes the other children, notice of such exposure will be posted, and parents will be notified when they pick up their child. The ill child will not be allowed to return to school until the period of contagion has passed.

In case of medical emergency during class, first aid will be administered by the staff. The parent or authorized adult will be notified as quickly as possible. If medical attention is required, the staff will call the local ambulance service, which will transport the child to the local hospital. Every effort will be made to contact the child's own physician.


Head lice are a problem in many communities and do not reflect poor hygiene or social status. Anyone can get head lice...mainly through direct head to head contact, but also from sharing hats, brushes, and other personal items. If you have older children in the public and or private schools, you may have received notices informing you of lice being detected in the school or class. It is TCAB preschool's policy that children with lice eggs (nits) or lice in their hair are sent home and not allowed to return until the nits are gone. We know this sounds harsh, but if we don't we cannot maintain control. We will welcome the child back to class when they are NIT FREE. The NO NIT policy is an administrative, public health policy for control and prevention of head lice outbreaks. Please remember to NOTIFY the SCHOOL if you find nits or lice on your child. This allows us to avoid an outbreak. Thank you!


Children's records are open only to the child's teachers, the Director, or the child's parent or legal guardian.

Days and Hours of Operation

Tri-Cities Academy of Ballet and Music Performing Arts Pre-School will follow the Richland School District calendar, closing for the same holidays, workshops, and vacation, with exceptions we find necessary.  Office hours are 10am to 8pm Monday through Friday and 10am to 3pm on Saturday. (Hours may change during holidays and summer.)

We will also follow the Richland Public School's emergency closing procedures. If the Richland Public Schools are dismissed early because of weather conditions, TCAB Preschool will close at the same time. If the Richland Public Schools are canceled, classes at TCAB Preschool will also be canceled. If the Richland Public Schools are delayed, all morning classes will be cancelled. Listen to the local radio station(s) for delays and early closing information on bad weather mornings. As always, please use your own judgment in bringing your child to school on days with poor weather conditions resulting in bad roads.

Pick Up and Delivery of Children

No child is to be brought to school more than 5 minutes before class begins, nor picked up more than 5 minutes after class is over. Please be aware that the doors will be closed until 9:00.

For safety, children must always be left in the care of an adult. Children must never be left at the school without a teacher present.

No child will be allowed to leave the premises except with an authorized adult.

You may park in a designated parking space and bring your child into the class. Your promptness is most appreciated by the staff and students.

Children will only be release to an authorized adult. If someone other than the usual adult is to pick up a child, please call us to let us know in advance. This saves all of us time and embarrassment. If we are not informed in advance, the person will be asked to show ID, and their name must appear on the “Authorized to Pick-Up” sheet. This is to ensure the safety of your child. Your cooperation is most appreciated.

Any child not picked up within 10 minutes after the door opens for dismissal will need to be picked up in the office. We will begin making phone calls from your “call list” at that time. Please note that if picking up your child late becomes an issue, we will request a conference. Please be on time! Thank you!

Birthdays/Holidays/Special Days             

We enjoy celebrating birthdays and acknowledging the “very special day” of each child. If you like, you may send a treat to school to be passed out by the special birthday person. We do ask that they be individually wrapped. We will celebrate the birthday in class; however, all treats are taken home.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are inviting some of the students to a scheduled birthday party, please mail invitations and thank you cards. This eliminates hurt feelings by students not attending. For all those celebrating a summer birthday, they will be acknowledged on a special day in May.

Other holidays that are a special part of our curriculum and are acknowledged and celebrated on appropriate days include: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, and Mother's Day

Field Trips

TCAB will take a few field trips each year. A parent or guardian must bring and chaperone their own child during field trips. Teachers are not responsible for children off campus. Siblings are welcome to join you.


Children are encouraged to wear play clothes and tennis shoes. Daily activities include active and messy play (paints, paste, clay, markers, sand, dirt, etc.), and the children should feel comfortable enough to enjoy themselves without worrying about their clothes. They will also need to wear clothes they can move freely in for dance, drama, and music activities. Each student should bring a pair of ballet shoes for dance time. Please make sure the clothing is manageable for the child to avoid any accidents while toileting. The child's name should be placed on all outdoor clothing (including jackets, hats, sweaters, boots) and other belongings (including backpacks) to help ensure the return of all the proper possessions and clothes.

Please make sure your child arrives with weather appropriate clothing (coats, boots, gloves) so we can go outside if we choose to do so.